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Troubleshooting Rush World Wide

There are several reasons why these pages might not appear as intended by the author:

  1. You are using Netscape! At this time, the latest version of Netscape does not support some of the HTML features used on these pages.
  2. There may be fonts used on these pages that are not loaded on your system (e.g. Webdings, Lucida Handwriting). Upcoming HTML standards will use embedded fonts, which should circumvent this problem.
  3. Pages with frames can be skewed if the window is smaller than the content. Strange things can happen to page design when the window size shrinks. I designed these pages to be as compact as possible. Any screen larger than 15" should display the site as intended.
  4. If you find other strange or unsightly problems, please email me.

Thanks for your interest and I hope you enjoy this Rush dedication,
Jeffrey Caffey

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